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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 20, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> rick: hello. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> juliet: i'm juliet huddy in for arthel neville. good to see you. and be back with you. topping the news, president obama and governor romney preparing if the third and final debate. it comes as brand new poll numbers show a big change in momentum. >> rick: the deadly meningitis outbreak is expanding. we'll tell you where the doctors are diagnosing some brand new cases. >> juliet: major clue in the murder of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. why police say it may lead them to her killer. >> rick: first, politics and fox news. brand new polling showing dramatic shift in two major battleground states 48 hours before the final presidential
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debate. in florida, governor romney leading the president 48 to 45% among likely voters, in a stark contrast from last month. meantime in ohio, the governor managing to close the gap to three points from seven point last month. chief political correspondent carl cameron joining us live from boca raton, florida, where the candidates have their final debate monday night. good to see you, carl. >> matter of fact, romney holds the final fundraiser tonight in palm beach. a big money fundraiser. we got the numbers from september. obama raised $157 million. when the money was reported, obama had 99 million in the bank. romney had $63 million. this is a concentration of
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jewish donors. there is a big focus on israel in upcoming foreign policy number monday night. they complaining that they have one-on-one talk about the nuclear weapons ambitionch. romney's position is that the united states should not give iran one-on-one talk and give credence an validate iranian quest for nuclear weapons. in addition, the administration hasn't commented on this yesterday. but it sounds like it could be a big issue that would come up in the debate. iran, the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad spoke to the u.n. recently. otherwise generally ostracizeed when he visits the united states. face to face talks would be a major development. the romney campaign yet to respond to this. it's the news a that comes days before the foreign policy
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debate. final date of the campaign, has potential to be october surprise. for years. iran is asking for face to face talks and the obama managers may have agreed to do that with two weeks before the election. >> rick: wow! that would be a big development. we'll continue to watch that, as the news comes in. on talks between iraq. carl cameron live from florida. the final presidential debate is two days away. monday night. fox news will bring you the action live from lynn university in boca raton. the full debate coverage at 8:55:00 p.m. eastern time on monday october 22. you can watch me and harris faulkner on live. >> juliet: look at you. promoting yourself. >> rick: sorry. someone has to do it. this is the interactive coverage. live chat. tens of thousand of people in the chat room for debates each and every night. great way to watch the debate on fox news.
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and be part of the interactive programming on same time. >> juliet: i like you together. >> rick: that's sweet. thank you. >> juliet: good chemistry. the quest for answers in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya getting more intense. the obama administration faces mounting pressure for transparency from members from congress. molly henneberg is live from washington. washington is following the story. good to see you. bring us up to date. >> rick: hi, it's good to see you. >> two members of congress are darrell issa and jason chaffetz. they released scores of state department documents related to the attack and wrote in a letter to president obama that the documents show that not only do the administration repeatedly reject requests for increased security, despite escalating violence but it systemically decreased the existing security to dangerous and ineffective levels. we have been told repeatedly that the administration did this to effectuate a policy of normalization in libya. after the conclusion of its
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civil war. the obama administration said there is no actionable intelligence suggesting an attack was imminent. some democrats on capitol hill say republicans are trying to take political advantage of the attack. >> do you think it's a coincidence two days before national debate foreign policy, congressman issa releases the documents in this is pure politics, pure and simple. the american people deserve better. >> also g.o.p. senators mccain, lindsey graham and kelly ayotte sent a second letter to the nation's intelligence leaders again asking them to clarify what they told the obama administration. the senators write your lack of response is inhibiting our ability to perform our duties.
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>> i'm troubled by the way the incident is unfolding. >> they're not being responsive. >> republican congressman peter king chairman of the house homeland security committee also has written to president obama asking him to release intelligence documents related to the attack. juliet? >> juliet: molly henneberg live in washington. thank you for the report. >> rick: getting chilling account of threats against the u.s. consulate in benghazi before the deadly attack on september 11. according to the state department documents by the republican lawmakers the late ambassador chris stevens medal several attempts to alert u.s. authorities to increasing unrest and violence in benghazi. three other americans were killed in that attack. coming up tomorrow, bret baier
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takes a look at the breakdown in security in his new special "death & deceit in benghazi." that is this sunday, tomorrow, the 21st, starting at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. then again at 10:00 p.m. eastern. only on the fox news channel. >> juliet: interesting. new developments in the secret service prostitution scand that erupted as you recall in april. congressman reacting to administration that the testimony may not match up with what happened. peter doocy has more from washington. >> mark sullivan testified in may none of the women involved in his agency's prostitution scandal had connections to criminal activity, but now we know it might not be true. the intelligence community says one of the women is still of concern. this is coming out now. because the inspector general of the department of homeland security put together internal report about the scandal.
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they decided to release details to show discrepancy about the white house involvement. they were never able to investigate whether or not white house communication worker signed female foreign nationals in to his hotel. although, press secretary jay carney said this in april. >> the white house council's office conducted a review of the white house advance team. and in concluding that review came to the conclusion that there is no indication that any member of the white house advance team engaged in improper conduct. >> independent senator joe lieberman ripped the colleague rob johnson saying the unauthorized leak of sensitive shrekive information from the i.g. report is unfair to the united states secret service and its director mark sullivan. both served our nation honorably and ably for a long time and deserve the benefit of a presumption of innocence
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unless real evidence leads to a different conclusion. so far, secret service has not responded to the memo. peter doocy, fox news. >> rick: in other news, the search is on for the suspect in a mysterious and fatal shooting in california. inglewood, california, police saying that a man and his 4-year-old son were killed and three others hurt when a masked gunman attacked them. the neighborhood put on high alert as a swat team moved in, a neighbor recalls the sound of the gunfire. >> i just heard bam, bam, bam. >> the gunman set fire to the house before shooting the victims. he may have remained inside the house as it burned. think think his body might be in there as well.
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>> the center for disease control reporting 23 deaths total. so far, doctors confirm 284 cases across 16 states. there is a danger of more cases developing in those receiving the shots. elizabeth prann has the latest. >> so many patients on edge as they wait to see if they develop investigation linked to the contaminated steroids shot or worse, meningitis. >> my husband is part of me. he is my other half. >> kathryn can only hope and pray while her husband bob fights for his life after being injected with a bad batch of medicine. >> chills off, my gosh, he -- he was like 102. >> he is just one of the many faces in the senator of a nationwide medical scare. outbreak of meningitis that is keeping millions of people on the edge. several have died. hundreds are sick. even more are at risk. >> my wife and i start
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watching the news. they came out in the news, meningitis outbreak. >> that is us. >> they got a letter with a hospital bill saying he may have been exposed. frustrated about the way the case has been handled. >> there are people contracting the disease. people are dying with the disease. the healthcare system is the health i don't care system. here is my bill. pay me and deal with the attorneys later. >> janet russell can't talk or eat. she has been in the hospital since mid-september. her attorney says she has had a lot of pain and suffering. >> i never dreamed this would happen. i'm sure none of the other paces that had this happen to them ever thought it could happen either. >> there is a consensus that treatments are effective, it's not used pre-emptively.
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contact your physician immediately. >> a dozen people speaking shelter from a storm when a pavilion collapses on top of them. it happened in little league baseball game. none of the injuries seriously. but the storm was strong enough to tear the roof off barns and knock out the power with 20,000 people. maria molna is live in the weather center. what kind of system was it? >> damaging winds but now it's gone. behind it, we are seeing a nice day across motor of the northeast and southeast.
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this is a big shift out there with the weather pattern. we have cool air. across the eastern part of the country. as we head to the country, some of the warm temperatures are 25-degrees. wi have cooler weather across the plains. rapid city, starting to see the shift. 58-degrees is the high temperature. 90s across southern texas. the great lakes and engler. the next -- new england. the next storm system is producing rain showers and snowshowers along the higher investigation. the storm is going to push eastward. controlling temperatures to
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the northwest. next weekend, 25-degrees below cooler. the winter weather watch is in effect across the california. the next storm that can dump a foot of snow across the higher elevation. >> maria live in weather center. thank you. >> the biggest chain storms are fighting for your business. chains like target and best buy are planning to match the prices of their online competitors. anna, hello. we like when they start fighting each other. >> a recent survey by william
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blair and company found on average target prices were 14% higher than amazon. best buy were 16% higher. wal-mart's prices were #% higher. target say they will roll out price matching monds. best buy price matches effective immediately with the exception of week of thanksgiving. cyber monday through decembe december 24. we are working to do this and ensure products available coming to the store. paying to ship products to you. when the product isn't there. spending tens of millions to make sure the sales associate deliver better advice and giving our front line employees the opportunity to match competitor's price. when it makes sense. brick and mortar will always be in place. >> it's fabric of big and
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small stores that sponsor little league teams. there is no replacement for the brick and mortar store. we need congress to act. >> they are seeking to force online retailers to collect sales tax from customers. back to you. >> i can't believe the christmas and holiday season in general. >> they start fighting each other earlier. i love it. >> thanks. >> rick: all right. coming up, the midwest getting a lot of attention this election year. new numbers show unemployment is down in many of the states. we'll take a look at the region. and how it is shaping up. what it means for the upcoming election. >> and new develop in the the search for justice for jessica ridgeway. what major clue police hope to lead them to the 10-year-old killer. >> looking a it again, we feel or believe that it may have
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>> rick: welcome back to midwest, home of key battle ground states that will shape the outcome of the presidential debate. local unemployment rate with the national trend. they're coming down a little bit. what impact if any should it can v on voters? we have the former chief of staff for joe manchin. ron, former communication director for the former house speaker, congressman dennis hastert. good to see you, gentlemen. ron, what we're seeing, the unemployment numbers coming out of wisconsin and ohio for example. does it help or hurt governor romney? >> both states have republican governors. republican governors are claiming that they create jobs. they need a foth create national policy to increase especially more jobs. in ohio, you have a state losing manufacturing jobs.
6:22 pm
in wisconsin, it's huge for economy. they elected republican senator and governor. >> rick: a lot of people say the numbers are misleading. ohio for example, lost 40,000 jobs. in the last year alone. >> i'm not sure it's what the voters in ohio feel. there are a couple of factors. they do believe the economy got better from where things were in terms of where in the beginning of the president's term. >> in the part of ohio, they're doing well. it depends on the automobile manufacturing jobs.
6:23 pm
the bottom line is the governor romney cannot win ohio, cannot become president. there are mathematical ways to see it happening otherwise. must-win state for him right now. the president is holding on to the lead. good sign and reflection voters feel positive about the economy. >> ron, what about that? so many jobs in ohio. were created or dependent on the automobile industry. it's an awkward position for governor romney to have had. how does he spin that to his favor. >> romney is the man with the plan. the man with the plan will win the election. not reminding voter what is you have done.
6:24 pm
>> romney is bringing up the five-point plan growing job on the economy. that is why obama is trying to debunk the plan. romney's momentum increasingcreg in ohio they are at a statistic tie according to national polling averages. in wisconsin. we never thought wisconsin would be in play. >> rick: i want to swift gears. we have a minute left and news breaking in the last half hour or so, from the "new york times." it comes two days before the final presidential debate to focus on foreign policy. according to the obama administration officials the u.s. and iran agreed for the first time to one-on-one talks about the iran nuclear program. what is your take? >> i think it's a positive step. no american, democrat or republican wants to go to war period. before you have military action you have to have diplomacy. exhaust all diplomacy.
6:25 pm
having negotiations one-on-one is a positive first step and it puts the president in a strong light. makes him look for lack of a better way to put it presidential. >> now we hear romney to respond this to, ron, monday night. he will be asked if you were president. will you sit down with iran and have one-on-one talks. if you were advising romney, what should he say to the question? >> it's interesting coming from monday. in the breaking news, israel was not informed of the talks. israel does not necessarily agree. they don't agree that the talks should take place. there is a danger that iran used talks to stall out, to drag these things out. he could keep the nuclear program going and growing getting toward the nuclear weapons capability.
6:26 pm
>> romney has ammunition on monday. the state of israel wasn't consulted on it. >> pin him down on whether he would follow through. >> he should say that he would consult with allies in the region with israel. the fact is, that is obama's weak point, it's israel in the last cycle. >> real fast. the real problem for mitt romney. the american public does not want another war. >> absolutely not. >> the argument -- that is absolutely true. they don't want another war. >> i agree. >> so in terms of negotiating potential resolution, it's tough to argue against negotiations. to basically suggest otherwise you should not negotiate. they may be a stalling tactic and it may not be. but it's tough to sit in a
6:27 pm
debate and look the american people in the eye figuratively speaking to say you don't want the negotiate. >> this is something that obama handled gingerly. choose the direction to take it. no one wants war. >> thank you. chris, ron, good to talk to you. >> juliet: government wants an end to illegal robo calls. a big reward for anyone who figures out how do it. we look at why it's a difficult problem coming up. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> rick: bottom of the hour. get you caught up on headlines this saturday.
6:32 pm
candidates busy preparing for final debate. escaping to camp david to repair there. governor romney is in the battleground state of florida where the debate will be held. brand new state department showing chrissteins had grave misgivings about security situation on the ground in benghaziment trying to alert the u.s. authorities to growing unrest. in the days leading up to the murder. >> police in california, they are searching for suspect who set fire in inglewood and the guantanamo has not been located. >> big development in the hunt for the killer of jessica ridgeway. police releasing a major clue they hope to lead them to whoever kidnapped and murdered the 10-year-old. dominic di-natale is following the story and has the latest.
6:33 pm
jessica's back pack was left and now we have a cross. this is a miniature celtic cross. inch-and-a-half tall. curious marking. we have a jagged "s." a strange "s." found at the scene we believe only the police and the killer ought to know for now. the authorities think this cross could be trinket or a charm worn by jessica's kil killer. we weren't able to find one replication of this unique markings with ridgeway family. not jessica's. >> the authorities really need the publicbe to help them out
6:34 pm
with this. they want them to come forward and know if any personnel that wears this. this is unique and personalized. there may not be a link between her murder and attempted obduction of 22-year-old woman in may. the police want to know if anyone with a cross like the one they issued pictures of in the past 24 hours matches the description of the suspect from that area where the jogger was. all the same, they say it could be related to a suspect in that. light skin mail. 18 and 35 years. brown hair, 5'6" to 5'8". if they get a match between that locket or cross and the individual, it could lead to arrest in the case. >> so before i let you go, the cross is significant.
6:35 pm
do the marks on the cross. does it mean anything. "s" do you think? >> "s" could lead to a name. is it the individual of the person who owned it? if any details come out linked to the attempted abduction of 22-year-old woman. could it be? yes. lead to the identity of jessica. >> juliet: do we know if it was left as calling card or fell off. >> if you look at the fact that jessica's back pack on sidewalk, not dropped but differently left there, could it be a clue by a killer who wants to be caught? >> very interesting. thank you.
6:36 pm
>> juliet: moving on. update on young pakistani girl targeted by the taliban. you probably heard of this. shot in the head for speaking out for girls education. thrown to england for medical treatment last week. the doctors say she is showing sign of improvement. communicating through written messages and standing with help. she is still in danger of developing the infection. keep an eye on that story. >> if you pick up your telephone to find telemarketer robo call, you know the calls are ajoying and illegal as well. the federal trade commission offering $55,000 reward for person who figures out how to end the calls. joining us is founder and ceo of the powell financial group. >> i don't get the calls anymore. we don't answer the home
6:37 pm
phone. if someone wants to reach me or my wife they call us on the cell phone. this still a problem. coming through to the cell phones. >> they are now. robo calling is illegal but not just talking about some telemarketer that is over zealous. this is scams out there. they circumnavigate the world to get them to you. it may orig gnat in india and china and canada before you're scamed. fraud lect credit card offers. medical issues. they are doing this and they start with the robo call. >> rick: isn't there a national do not call list to put your number? then you can't get the calls? >> you are already breaking the law because you're not allowed to robo call. i don't think they go to the do not call list to check it
6:38 pm
and make sure they don't call you. they go after the vulnerable people out there. >> contest. $50,000. >> i'm not overwhelmed by the price. >> not a huge amount of money. >> high school kids. >> the next bill gate in the garage. that is a lot of money. >> do you think of the trade commission offering this and soliciting the public's help? >> this is great p.r. no one salary of member of staff of the federal trade commission. if you pay attention to the issue to shine a light on it, you are dealing with two things. maybe a bright kid would come up with an answer. you will educate the public to the do the only sensible thing. if you accidently pick this up and get a robo call. hang the phone up and hang it up fast. anything else is dangerous. believe me, people are getting scamed. money is coming out of
6:39 pm
accounts because they give out or give out their checking account information. give out a credit card. >> rick: never, never do that. >> no information. they give out their social security numbers because they are so trusting. >> i have the solution to this. i am not going to tell you right now. don't try to get it out o me. submit your ideas between this thursday 26 an january 17. the scoring is based on the ease of use. >> roll it out. >> nationwide system dealing with the phone calls from all over the world. of course worth $50,000. >> all right. listen, after i win. taking everybody out to dinner. >> can i come? >> absolutely! >> the founder and ceo of the powell financial group. good to see you. >> great to be here.
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>> 50,000 look out. that will buy you dinner for five pple here. in new york. >> all right. coming up, ahead of the final presidential debate we look at the moderator, veteran, old school guy. journalists bob schieffer. what can we expect monday night from him? do comparing and contrasting and predicting perhaps. i'm a conservative investor. i invest in what i know. i turned 65 last week. i'm getting married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. but, there's no reward without it. i want to be prepared for the long haul. i see a world bursting with opportunities. india, china, brazil, ishares, small-caps, large-caps, ishares. industrials. low cost. every dollar counts. ishares. income. dividends. bonds. i like bonds. ishares. commodities. diversification. choices. my own ideas. ishares. i want to use the same stuff the big guys use. ishares. 8 out of 10 large, professional investors choose ishares for their etfs.
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>> juliet: welcome back. 44 minutes after the hour. we're 48 hours from the third and final presidential debate. oh will bob schieffer stack up? joining us now is susan estrich, political science professor. good to see you. i don't want to dwell on the past, i want your performance
6:45 pm
of the past three moderators. >> it's not an easy job to start. they have all been suggest to criticism. looking forward as obama would say, we've gotten bob chooser, experienced guy. he has been around for a long time. he will look at what happened to martha and jim lehrer and criticism of candy crowley and be very intense on doing two things. first, maintaining control of the debate. it doesn't spring out of control. having the guys walking around looking like to're ready to punch each other out. candy crowley was criticized for jumping in and saying you're right to romney or you're wrong on the act of terror thing. schieffer will try to control the debate. not to be subject to any
6:46 pm
criticism he took one side over the other. >> juliet: what is your sense of how critical the debate. we are concerned and money in the pocks and jobs. could this sway an election the way it has in certain ways? shift momentum to a degree? >> juliet: this is so close. if this were a big margin on either side and people heard it was foreign policy a lot of people would say well, you know, but this is so close to any mistake. when you are the challenger, you are particularly vulnerable. i have been on the challenger side enough time. you are vulnerable on foreign policy. if you make a mistake. i think the other point is that both of the candidates, even though it is foreign policy will tie it domestic
6:47 pm
spending. you want for defense spending. a strong economy is the most important element of the national security. >> that is true. they will bring it back to what they want to talk about. >> juliet: that is the talking point. know we resonate with the public. who has the strongest position in your opinion? >> going in foreign policy debate the guy who can claim is commander in chief always has a bit of an edge. for romney as the challenger whose strength is on the economy, what he has to do is do no harm. he has to convince people not necessarily that he is better than obama but he doesn't pose a risk. ready to negotiate, head to head. even if he hasn't done it before. like the old red phone commercial hillary used on
6:48 pm
obama. do you trust this guy when it's national security? >> he will go back to the last debate to prove he wasn't wrong. >> juliet: it's good to see you. you can read her syndicated column in up ins across the country. she's famous. wednesday and friday. good to see you. rick, this is an exciting topic for me. >> rick: listen, this could be your yours right here. if the price is right. >> juliet: beautiful. >> rick: this looks like a piece of furniture. this is a space heater. with the winter and the cold and almost upon us, in places already upon us. what you need to know before you run out and buy yourself a space heater. our friend from consumer reports will join us when we come right back. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at red lobster. the's so many choices, the guests lovet! [ male announcer ] don't miss endless shrimp, just $14.99! try as much as y like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp. offer ends soon!
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>> rick: the weather is turning cold. so some are thinking about space heaters. >> juliet: "consumer reports" helps you find the best for you. senior editor for "consumer reports." these are cool. >> these are for the winners. >> can you save money by getting a space heater for you
6:53 pm
house? >> you know, manufacturers would love you to believe that. it's not the reason to buy a space heater. you could potentially save money. electricity is the most expensive form of heating. only way is to save money on the rest of the house. >> this looks like a end table. you need three feet from space heater and combustible material. >> we like this. >> you have to keep it three feet from everything. >> this is a large space heater. weighing 40 pounds. this costs $230. which is a tidy sum, but it performs well. fast at heating the room. our test chamber is 200 square feet. no trouble heating that space
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in under 15 minutes. >> juliet: i have a cd player. a little cd player looks just like this. >> rick: boom box. >> juliet: exactly. what is this one? >> this is cool. this is interesting. now we are getting to the small portable space heater. this is from ambia. this looks like speakers. an interesting thing. >> wow! >> this is great for an office. it costs $60. it was the fastest space heater in the test heating the room. a downside, this gets hotter to touch than the other space heaters. another reason it's good for the office, if you have small children at home not the choice there. >> rick: or pets. >> or pets. good point. >> juliet: they're all safe? >> they're all perfectly safe. you need to maintain the three feet. i can't stress that enough. >> rick: i like this because it oscillates, right? i like things that oscillate. >> juliet: we can talk about that after the show. >> this is the cr best buy.
6:55 pm
so top value plus $55. also, excellent and fast. heat the room. delivers good spot heating. if it's just you or individuals to heat in the office, this is a very good choice. couple of features. the fan that is nice. >> this is nice. >> it's nice. absolutely nice. >> does this one oscillate, too? >> it does. >> juliet: very cool. >> rick: this looks like an apple product or something. futuristic a little bit. >> this is a dyson. >> juliet: i love dyson. >> known for bringing high design to utilltarian objects. dyson vacuum. >> $400. >> that is the downside. top rated, smaller or heater, this is the best one. >> why is it so expense sniff >> the design? >> a lot with the design. >> these people could have made a design like that. >> performance wise nothing bad about the dyson.
6:56 pm
>> things to consider in the market for a space heater, things that you most want to think about. answer in your head before you go out and shop. >> where is the space heater going to go? is it going to move from room to room or take it to the office. or to a studio or something like that. the smaller, more portable space heater. this is five pounds. you won't have trouble moving them around. if it's going to stay put, in one room, and you like the furniture look, for a larg largeer -- >> from "consumer reports," good to see you. >> juliet: good to be with you, my buddy. that's it for us. >> rick: harris faulkner with the fox report up next. take care. captioned by closed captioning services, inc
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